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Take the time and hassle away from researching suitable underfloor heating for your property by letting the experts at A&A Underfloor Heating take care of the process for you. We supply all materials, having chosen the best ones available for efficiency and longevity. Whether you're based here in Aylesford or anywhere within a 50-mile radius, we are the team for you.


A bespoke and efficient underfloor heating solution for your property

When you choose A&A Underfloor Heating, you're choosing a team who will create you a bespoke heating system that is both affordable, and efficient. Using an underfloor heating system is not only space saving due to the removal of radiators, but it can also save you up to 50% on heating bills! Call us today to learn more about how underfloor heating could be the solution for you.

Underfloor heating solution

Based in Aylesford, we are a specialist underfloor heating company, you can rely on us for both residential and commercial work for clients within a 50-mile radius. Underfloor heating is a great way to improve the heating efficiency around the home, plus the removal of unsightly pipework and chunky radiators can really improve the aesthetic appeal of any room. Our product of choice is Polypipe and all our pipework is installed with a clip gun which makes installation more efficient.

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Floor insultation

Another great way to stop heat escaping through the floor and prevent draughts in your home is through the use of floor insultation. Our team will carry out a site visit to understand your current flooring, we will then add an insulating material underneath your floorboards or concrete floor. The extra layer of material prevents heat escaping through the floor into the ground or cellar, therefore lowering your energy bills!


Environmentally friendly


Maintains constant temperature

Space saving solution


To discuss the solution that's right for your home or new builds, call us today on 07825 992416

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